About Jon Watson

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I’m a Linux systems engineer by trade and by passion. Mostly passion.

Work is easy to get. Passion is harder to come by.

I currently work in the infosec field. Specifically, the security products group at GoDaddy; even more specifically, in the Sucuri SOC. WAFs and CDNs are my jam.

My daily work is split between spending lots of money on data center equipment and deployments and good old-school script hacking to make things work. It’s a good mix.

My personal blog is here and I used to write security and privacy related articles for Comparitech here and I sometimes write short stories here.

If you need more, my LinkedIn is here and my PGP key is here.

If you’re not sure how the encrypted email thing works, you can just type me a message on Keybase, and copy/paste it into a regular email and send it to me. It’s easy to find my email address.

Social Media

I use the decentralized Fediverse for my social media. You can follow me on the Mastodon Fediverse at Hackers.town


Email me for a number.



  1. A History of Computer Operating Systems


Linux Journal

  1. VirtualBox: Bits and Bytes Masquerading as Machines.
  2. Break the Hardware Upgrade Cycle with Win4Lin Windows Virtual Desktop Server.
  3. Podcasting for the Penguin!

Linux Magazine

  1. Convenient Castle.
  2. Sound Saver.


Most of the code I write is for work and therefore I don’t “own” it so I can’t post it. But there are always little snippets I write on my own time to scratch a particular itch and you’ll find that in my Bitbucket account.

Image Shot

I needed a place to host images for this blog and I don’t want to use the current surveillance state services. I looked for a FOSS solution I could self-host, but they were all too heavy and were full-blown gallery solutions. I just wanted to upload, get a link, and forget about it. That is what Image Shot does.

It’s here

Domain Query

When you query 100 DNS records a day, you want to automate it. This is just a little script that pulls the most common DNS records for a domain.

It’s here

Tweeter Deleter

Keeps your Twitter feed nice and clean by removing old tweets. Needs the T command line Twitter client to do the actual heavy lifting.

It’s here