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Hello, and thanks for visiting this page. You may have come here via a link from one of my creative sites such as my Death By Tech blog on Substack, or maybe you arrived here by accident. In either case, welcome!

The primary purpose of this page is to provide information about how my fans and readers or listeners can support me. I know we all have subscription fatigue and nobody wants to sign up for yet another payment processor so I am trying to make this easy for you. Probably at the expense of making it easy for me, but whatever. We’ll get through this together.

To do my part, I am trying to offer the most commonly used payment processors in the hopes that you already have an account at one of them so you don’t have to go through the pain of signing up for a new one just to support me.

Step 1

Step one is to subscribe to my blog. If you have not already done so, please do so here:

Step 2

You’ve done it! You’ve supported me by simply subscribing to my content. That encourages me and I thank you!

If you’d like to send a little more love my way, you can do that too and I will reciprocate by delivering twice the content to you! Everyone who subscribes, whether for free or financially (see more in step 3 about that) gets at least one post a week from me. Those who support me financially get twice as many posts.

I don’t write “better” content for subscribers. I don’t save “the good stuff” for paying subscribers. Paying subscribers just get more content because I alternate between posts. Every second post goes only to paying subscribers.

In addition, regardless of when you jump on board as a paying subscriber, I will unlock all of my previous paid content in my archive for you so you will have instant access to a ton of new content. If you’re not a paying subscriber now and you visit that link, you will see some content with a padlock icon - that’s the extra stuff that is waiting for you.

If you think that is something you want to do, you can support me in the following ways:

Substack logo Substack

The most direct way to support me is through paying for a subscription directly on Substack. If you did that while subscribing in the step above, then thank you and there is nothing left to do! If you did not opt to become a paying subscriber at that time, you can keep it in mind for the future.

LiberaPay logo LiberaPay

If you have, or want, a LiberaPay account. Click here to support me that way. Note that you can send any amount via LiberaPay whereas a subscription through SubStack is $5/month.

PayPal logo PayPal

Ditto for PayPal. If you want to use PayPal to support me, click here. Note that you can send any amount via PayPal whereas a subscription through SubStack is $5/month. Note: PayPal has me listed as the “Slumped Over Keyboard Dead Site” which is legit. That’s me. I just can’t update it.

Brave browser Basic Attention Token Brave Basic Attention Token

There are two ways to “tip” me with BATs:

BitCoinlogo Crypto Currencies

I have a bunch of crypto-currency wallets and you can contribute to me using any one you’d like. Keep in mind cryptocurrencies are anonymous so if you would like your subscription upgraded, you will definitely have to tell me which email subscription is yours. You can do that by sending me a quick email to

Bitcoin wallet: 1KW9Taih6mttATEh7yBTHtSGG9Tv2b7mPt

Ethereum wallet: 0x9C02D29f16954D560A0030664505D2274C7EAf55

BRD wallet: 0x9C02D29f16954D560A0030664505D2274C7EAf55


Step 3

If you paid via any other method than SubStack, it may be hard for me to figure out which subscriber is you. Please shoot me a quick email to with the email address you’d like upgraded, and the order ID or transaction ID from the processor you used and I’ll fix you right up.

Step 4

Go forth into the world with my gratitude and knowing that you’ve helped de-centralize the internet and have given small voices an important boost!