Security Breaches by On-Premise Workers


I started this list Aug 24, 2019. It was updated last on whatever date is at the bottom of the post.

There are a ton of remote jobs these days, but there are some disciplines and industries that are underrepresented. System Administrators, arguably the people most able to work remotely simply due to the nature of the job, are poorly represented across the board. Remote IT positions within the financial and government sectors are also not common.

I’ve worked as a sysadmin, both remote and on premise, for longer than I care to remember. I’ve been exposed to a lot of rhetoric as to why remote positions largely don’t exist in those fields and industries. Regardless of the wording, all the reasons boil down to one thing: it is harder to police remote workers; therefore the risk of a data breach is higher and the subsequent damage to the company’s reputation presents too much of a risk.

As a counter point to the argument that on-prem workers are somehow less likely to conduct data and security breaches, I curate this list of especially egregious security events by on-prem workers.

The List

When this list is big enough I will create an exportable format

August 2019

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